A very small art making

this is 'A Boy And His Atom: The World's Smallest Movie':

and this is how it was with IBM's scanning tunneling microscope and thousands of carbon monoxide molecules:

you can learn more on their youtube playlist, it's quite fascinating!

and if that's not enough for you, do you know how small is the smallest guitar in the world? about the size of a single cell. it was made with the same method and technology as mentioned above movie, by Cornell University and it looks like this:

it actually plays music! ... but way outside human hearing range. oh well... read more on Cornell University's website.


New Year

Happy New Year from the International Space Station & tomo...



another illustration from my BIRTH series:



how nice! my SCREAM was published again, this time in color, in the German comic zine SHILLY-SHALLY. take a look:


External World by David O'Reilly

it's official. this is the weirdest cartoon i have ever seen in my life:


SCREAM published in CO-MIXER

how cool. i'm being published in the underground, Bulgarian comics zine, CO-MIXER!
it's a zine that aims to shelter short comic stories with different drawing styles under one cover. each issue has a subject, which the authors can interpret as they like. this fourth issue has a theme noise and it has my SCREAM in it:

take a look at their website (www.co-mixer.blogspot.com) and like them on www.facebook.com/co.mixer.



new comic strip from your's truly:


Justice Families

members of the justice league walk their sidekicks to school.

see more at el shango wuz here


Action Comics #1

today is the 75th anniversary of the publication of Action Comics #1 starring Superman and Lois Lane. a single issue now worth over $2 million, that changed comics for ever.