youtube dose, chapter 2

after entertaining u in chapter one it is time to show u sth beautiful.
it's not that fresh, but i love it very much. so here u go.


drawing by turns - our new project

see you there


that's one of my drawings i made a few months ago.
i'd just got a new bottle of ink and had to try it out.
i do like blues.

between romance and adagio

london street musician


i did some tidying in my drawings yesterday.
this one f.ex. is my 1st self-portrait.
i really looked like that back in the good ol'03!


they make words

ha! wonderful!
each word somehow relates to the next one.
thank u, i like this idea too

check it out


stylophone once more (and forever)

please excuse me this, but i forgot to add the clip i wanted to add the most!
ahh Tomo, what's wrong with your head?
so here u have the one and only rahsaan roland kirk and the stylophone of course!