batman noir

that the 'batman: black and white' series is wonderful i don't have to mention i hope. some of the stories included in the series are for sure one of the best batman stories ever. if u haven't red, do that, really the best artists were working on this title. the idea was that each of them had 8 pages to use and it had to be drawn/painted in black and white only.

but what i've just found out is that there is also a motion comics with the same title and what is more you can find all the episodes on youtube! so go ahead and get dragged into the noir gotham city...


'intricate worlds sculpted in 1:43 scale and smaller'

there's nothing what disquiet and intrigue me like Thomas Doyle's sculptures.
it's realy briliant, make sure to check all of his sculptures on his website!

digital purse's content revealed!

my biggest idol and the love of my life, Mania has finally opened her flickr account!
which is quite awsome since she made a beautiful selection of her best photos which were located on 3 different blogs and her digital purse...
so watch her, admire her, invite her and lets all be happy!

and i looked upon the bulding and they walked out like it's shopping time

by hipermania