this is it

for everybody who's ever wanted too make a comic strip but:
a/ is to lazy
b/ can't draw
c/ doesn't want really
this is it.

now u can make your own comic strip with the strip generator!
i guess that if u register a strip blog u have a lot more cool features...

michael hughes

michael hughes is a photographer. he made a brilliant set of photos (124 photos in a row and still growing) called souvenirs - maybe u heard about that, it's very popular on flickr.

u may also check out his website where u can read about him, purchase his photos, see his blog, etc.
and of course take a look at his flickr profile, there are some great photos.


portable hole

i've always wanted it, i dreamed about it, i admired it and...
eureka! at last, at last, at long last i found out what is the origin of the portable hole!

it was Calvin Q. Calculus, the inventor of dry water and a round square who made this brilliant discovery!
of course u know a portable hole - it appeared in 'who framed roger rabbit', 'yellow submarine', bugs bunny always had it in his pocket.

so lets see how it all begun:


superman is methodist?!

do u know that venom and hulk are catholic? and the thing (from fantastic 4) is jewish? well, now u know.
for more check the comic book religion database.