milt hinton

milt hinton (1910-2000) performed this 5 years before his death, being 85 years old.
it is the sweetest thing i've seen recently.

brilliant bass player and jazz photographer.
check out his website for discography and his photographs.

more references:
Playing the Changes: Milt Hinton's Life in Stories and Photographs - photo album
Keeping Time: The Life, Music & Photography of Milt Hinton (2004) - movie


batman noir

that the 'batman: black and white' series is wonderful i don't have to mention i hope. some of the stories included in the series are for sure one of the best batman stories ever. if u haven't red, do that, really the best artists were working on this title. the idea was that each of them had 8 pages to use and it had to be drawn/painted in black and white only.

but what i've just found out is that there is also a motion comics with the same title and what is more you can find all the episodes on youtube! so go ahead and get dragged into the noir gotham city...


'intricate worlds sculpted in 1:43 scale and smaller'

there's nothing what disquiet and intrigue me like Thomas Doyle's sculptures.
it's realy briliant, make sure to check all of his sculptures on his website!

digital purse's content revealed!

my biggest idol and the love of my life, Mania has finally opened her flickr account!
which is quite awsome since she made a beautiful selection of her best photos which were located on 3 different blogs and her digital purse...
so watch her, admire her, invite her and lets all be happy!

and i looked upon the bulding and they walked out like it's shopping time

by hipermania


two of HIPERMANIA & Lemons' monsters have arrived!

krzywusfinally we made these two monsters with Mania!
u can always write to hipermaniaandlemon [at] gmail.com if u're interested in purchasing a monster.


go go paper-cuts!

it's called Roadside Project.
it's made by Sacramento based girl.
it's lovely.
it recalls me how much i like paper-cuts since childhood...
here's Roadside Projects' flickr and her blog.


Jimmy Giuffre 3

one of the best things i've ever heard!
especially #5: cry, want (!!!)

Jimmy Giuffre - clarinet
Paul Bley - piano
Steve Swallow - double-bass (damn him he switched for el.bass)


charlie haden

well, that's pretty strange that this post did not appear before now... i've had it in mind for a long time (to be sincere together with other posts which are not published yet...) and what is even more important it touches somebody who is extremely important for me.

if u ask me who is my favourite bass-player, whose music touches my soul deepest, whose albums are my favourite, who could i sound like, which musician i'd like to meet most...
the answer is one.

Charlie Haden

it's just incredible how beautiful bass can be.
as far as i remember i heard him consciously for the first time as a fully committed fan of Keith Jarrett - they played together in '60 and '70.
what he did with Ornette Coleman is incredible (one of my favourite groups).

his Liberation Music Orchestra the greatest (check out Not In Our Name, one of myfavourite cd's).

duet with Pat Metheny just beautiful (one of my favourite cd's).

trio with Jan Garbarek & Egberto Gismonti invincible (one of my favourite groups).

just to name a few...

his official website, biography, discography (quite complete, but not very readable - if u want to see who did he record the album with u have to follow the link) and an interview.

one of the most beautiful music in the world!


the land between here and mountains

"We are Jess Gough and Hannah Davis.
This is a project about our journeys rather than our destinations; the inbetween."


you make me so happy

one of the most incredible digital art blogs i've ever seen...
i'm amazed every single time there's sth new...
you make me so happy

by the way, it's my birthday today


penguin classics

that penguin classics covers are great we know already, but i've just found out that there is a line with covers made by some of my favourite comic book artists and it's just wonderful!
art spiegleman, chris ware, thomas ott, joe sacco, yoshihiro tatsumi, charles burns, daniel clowes, jason, frank miller...

just take a look at the penguin classics covers flickr page.


appealing and disturbing, sick and uneasy

i don't know who this guy is but i think i'm afraid of him...
well it's not that surprising that he uses tarantino & lynch as heroes in his comic strips.

anyway, this guy (his name is hoogerbrugge - here's how not to pronounce it) does animations, illustrations, comic strips, music clips and water-colours to name a few.

i got to know him through his modern living / neurotica series he made between 1998 and 2001 which started as animated gif loops.

then came NAILS made between 2002 and 2006. i really do appreciate a possibility to interact with his animations.

but i'm definitely for the HOTEL (2002-2006), an interactive tale which comprise animations and comics in kind of gaming form.
(when u're done with it u may wish to sign up for preconstruction)

there're also pro stress, his still updated comic strips and water-colours - my favourite is this one.

anyway, just surf through his website, lots of good stuff.


robbie cooper - immersion

and how does your face look when u play?


her milk teeth

the story goes like this:

"When I was young, I placed my baby teeth under my pillow and when i woke up I'd find a shiny new quarter. But whatever happened to those little teeth? Where did they go? Would I ever see them again?

Many years later, a little tooth was standing at my door. It looked familiar. Its name was ickle. Welcome home, my milk toof!"

check out this blog with milk teeth stories.

faces in places

i've always looked at cars, etc. as if these ware humanoids with faces. i guess everybody does that. it feels a bit egocentric (in a mankind sense) to see the world that way.
but anyway, for all of us who did/does that here it is - a collection of faces in places (there's flickr group with more than 12.000 photos to explore and the group's blog with a special selection of photos).


heinz edelmann

i've just found out, that heinz edelmann, a german graphic designer, the one who created psychedelic image of the beatles in yellow submarine and won the contest to design the mascot of the expo '92, died at age 75 on july 21. RIP

here u have some of his illustrations presenting strange monsters.

u may read an article & an interview with him.
ech, that's a pity...


the art of movie titles

how beautiful these screens are!
u may browse hundreds of these f.ex. at 3 following websites:
The Movie Title Stills Collection - it's also a very nice designed website
Movie Title Screenshots
Movie Titles Screens Page
have fun!


u can't prove it won't happen

why don't i post that often?
FUTURAMA the greatest!
created by matt groening (THE SIMPSONS), has 88 episodes & 4 full-lenght movies. mmm...
and 26 new episodes will begin airing in mid-2010!
how cool is that?!
but there's one thing - they want to change the cast so use your fat finger and sign the petition against it!

p.s. u can watch FUTURAMA on-line.
oh and if case u don't know, u can watch THE SIMPSONS on-line too.



this is it

for everybody who's ever wanted too make a comic strip but:
a/ is to lazy
b/ can't draw
c/ doesn't want really
this is it.

now u can make your own comic strip with the strip generator!
i guess that if u register a strip blog u have a lot more cool features...

michael hughes

michael hughes is a photographer. he made a brilliant set of photos (124 photos in a row and still growing) called souvenirs - maybe u heard about that, it's very popular on flickr.

u may also check out his website where u can read about him, purchase his photos, see his blog, etc.
and of course take a look at his flickr profile, there are some great photos.


portable hole

i've always wanted it, i dreamed about it, i admired it and...
eureka! at last, at last, at long last i found out what is the origin of the portable hole!

it was Calvin Q. Calculus, the inventor of dry water and a round square who made this brilliant discovery!
of course u know a portable hole - it appeared in 'who framed roger rabbit', 'yellow submarine', bugs bunny always had it in his pocket.

so lets see how it all begun:


superman is methodist?!

do u know that venom and hulk are catholic? and the thing (from fantastic 4) is jewish? well, now u know.
for more check the comic book religion database.


paul hornschemeier

not that i'm a great paul hornschemeier's fan (i acctualy red only his 'sequential'), but i just
have to drop a line about 'ex falso quodlibet' - i'm deeply in love with this one. read it!

oh, if u like blogs, he have a nice one.


golden record

"we cast this message into the cosmos... of the 200 billion stars in the milky way galaxy, some — perhaps many — may have inhabited planets and space faring civilizations. if one such civilization intercepts voyager and can understand these recorded contents, here is our message: we are trying to survive our time so we may live into yours. we hope some day, having solved the problems we face, to join a community of galactic civilizations. this record represents our hope and our determination and our goodwill in a vast and awesome universe."
president jimmy carter's official statement placed on the voyager spacecraft

why voyagers mission is ground (space?) braking and incredible mission you can read at NASA's (worth reading, very interesting stuff!).
but what i truly love is the golden record.
it's is a package of:
- 90 minute selection of music from planet earth
(pretty interesting selection...),
- greetings in 55 languages,
- sounds of earth,
- greetings from the secretary general of the UN,
- 115 images from the planet earth,
- an hour long recording of the brainwaves of ann druyan
(later she wrote: "i entered a laboratory at bellevue hospital in new york city and was hooked up to a computer that turned all the data from my brain and heart into sound. i had a one-hour mental itinerary of the information i wished to convey. i began by thinking about the history of earth and the life it sustains. to the best of my abilities i tried to think something of the history of ideas and human social organization. i thought about the predicament that our civilization finds itself in and about the violence and poverty that make this planet a hell for so many of its inhabitants. toward the end i permitted myself a personal statement of what it was like to fall in love.").
everything on golden LPs attached to spacecrafts now beyond the solar system waiting to be heard. selected by a committee chaired by carl sagan.

check out the golden record homepage for all sounds and pictures.



well, it's difficult... i thought that it doesn't make any sens to perform this anymore. now, when everybody knows what it is all about it's more like circus. exaggerated throat clearing, people siting with smiles in a way it seems to be funny...
but the music! or sound, whatever how u call it. it sounds incredible, just great.

this "4'33" is performed by the full symphony orchestra conducted by lawrence foster.

composed in 1952 by john cage of course, probably the most influential american composers of the 20th century.


art to play

check out Vector Park.
little, beautiful art/games.
u could also like his far-out paintings.



why should you watch it? do i really think u have this 25 minutes u can spend this way?

roland kirk and john cage.
no more advertising - do whatever u want.

directed by dick fontaine, 1966


tomo #1

click to enlarge


drawings with light

yes, it's picasso.
yes, it's fantastic.
take a look at picasso's drawings with light.
made by gjon mili.

prise the lord coltrane

The Saint John Will-I-Am Coltrane African Orthodox Church

"Founders Archbishop Franzo King and Reverend Mother Marina King began this work in 1971 under the name of “One Mind Temple Evolutionary Transitional Body of Christ.” The inspiration came after the young couple had seen John Coltrane perform live in San Francisco in the year 1965. Being raised in the Pentecostal Church, Franzo King knew the presence of the Lord when it came through the power of the Holy Ghost. Seeing John Coltrane and hearing his sound that night was that familiar feeling he knew since childhood. It was the presence of God. Archbishop King refers to this as a “sound baptism” which touched their hearts and minds. Further investigation into this man proved him to be not just a “jazz musician” but one who was chosen to guide souls back to God."

"The musical ministry is delivered through the “Ministers of Sound” also known as the church ensemble: Ohnedaruth. Every Sunday, Ohnedaruth provides the rhythm section and lead horns which support the Voices of Compassion (choir), as together they seek to invoke the Spirit of God through sound praise. The sound praise consists of the Coltrane Liturgy, which combines the Divine Liturgy of the African Orthodox Church, and the Twenty-third Psalm, with the melodies, harmonies and rhythms of Saint John Coltrane's masterpiece: A Love Supreme."


the zombie preparedness initiative

what if he's going to knock into your door?

The Zombie Preparedness Initiative is a knowledge base provided by a community of citizens concerned about the impending zombie invasion and the imminent disaster that is sure to follow.

advices, articles, groups, forum...
definitely worth sinking into

i joined, will u?

retro games from the '80 & early '90

a pure nostalgic old-school...
no downloading special emulators, no downloading and installing anything.

classic Commodore 64 games online!
(boulder dash, paperboy, donkey kong, commando...)

classic Nintendo 8-bit games online!
(mario, duck tales, legend of zelda...)

classic Gameboy games online!
(turtles, tetris... and everything on this small silly monitor!)

classic Sega Master System games online!
(sonic, wonder boy, mortal kombat, home alone...)

and finally,
classic DOS games online!
(indiana jones, prince, lemings, ugh, terminator...)

p.s. note that there is just a 100 of the most popular ones on each side - browse the categories for more and never turn off your pc again...