my brand new stylophon!

i bought a stylophone last week.

it's vintage, plastic, electronic, it is supposed to fit into my pocket (but it doesn't) and what is most important it makes sounds!
yes, 'the original pocket electronic organ' is produced again!
u play it using a 'pen' connected to the stylophone with wire.

of course in a real one i have 3 different sounds, vibrato and volume control!
uh! u have to buy one of those!

you're not sure yet? so that's albinoni and his famous adagio, one of the best versions i've ever heard...

bowie used it too, but it's slightly hearable on this one.
however the clip is so great that i had to place it here.

i love my stylophone!
i even used it in my last concert!

p.s. if u like it u have to check this out!
rolph harris was advertising stylophone between 60s and 70s and released different books and LP's (playalongs) with music for stylophone. of course u can find it on youtube!
so here u have the 1st side and the 2nd side of his introductory SP which was bundled with the stylophone back in 70s.

my calendar

last year i had this idea to make a calendar with my drawings. i was supposed to deliver one page per month to each person i wanted the calendar to have.
but because i'm not so good with long lasting responsibilities i did only 5 months from march to july. too bad. i'm sure i'll come back to this one day...


heve u ever been looking for hell?
i have and because i really belive in the internet power and i belive in a "there is everything" sentence i started to look for it in the net a few years ago and (surprise surprise) i found it.

i heve been fighting with myself since yesterday if i wanted to publish this and show u hell, but i think it's your choice whether u go there.

but but but today morning i decided that i'd write about it and (surprise surprise) hell has changed! (a sign?)
well, yesterday it was very much different, now it got stranger...
i mean, i got used to the fact that u could sell your soul there, it was quite clear, but now... well, i really don't know what is this...

so take your decision very cerfully and if you go there i wish u to find your way out from hell...


i want a t-shirt with the arecibo message!

arecibo message is pretty cool!
think about us, tiny people who send some radio waves with hope that aliens will recive it and come in peace.

i'd love to have a black t-shirt with this! isn't it beautiful?

kind of old school amiga-like graphics i find exciting!
i read that there was a reply for arecibo message from space...
i do like aliens

youtube dose, chapter 1

fine. let's start a youtube dose.
youtube is one of the most extraordinary places i've ever been to...
it's time to say WOW!

uh... i've just seen sth else there... not very tasty...
thank you youtube

spam rehab

time for sincerity:

i'm in a spam rehab...
i don't know if u know the feeling, there is 558 spam messages in your mailbox and u'd like to check it cause it could happen that sth important by a mistake got into spam... it really sometimes happens!
anyway i haven't checked it for some time. cross your fingers for me.

this post is dedicated to malwa who helped me to understand my problem.
thank u honey


welcome message

"we are trying to survive our time so we may live into yours."