green porno

green porno seson 2 is already here!
this time sex with isabella rossellini takes place under water...
but be careful, it's REALLY hot!

if u haven't seen the 1st season yet take a look at this porn:

lots of more episodes available on sundance channel page.

dedicated to olga. she knows why...

p.s. u can also get your green porno name!


minimal interior

my supper once when malwa was abroad

))<>(( forever

we watched 'me and you and everyone we know' (2005) by miranda july yesterday.
i have to tell u, it's still fantastic. if this is not encouraging enough for u to watch it, maybe a special jury prize at the sundance film festival and four prizes at the cannes film festival, including the camera d’or will.

miranda july is an positive artist. she makes videos, performances, and web-based projects. 'me and you...' was her full-length debut.
maybe u'd also like to see miranda july's website.
that's one of her recent projects:

i do like paul bley

paul bley is a man...
i've just rediscovered one of his solo abums 'open, to love' (1972). it's really thrilling... i'll always love it.


let's talk about comics

this will be about chris ware.
why him? cause he's at least one of the best.
how often do u read comic book which makes u cry?

i advertise JIMMY CORRIGAN as the best comics i've ever red since i'd red it. and i'm going to do it now. read it!
for me it's a must.

chris ware was discovered by art spiegelman and worked with him in RAW.
his most notable works are 'ACME Novelty Library' (1993-present) and 'JIMMY CORRIGAN the smartest kid on earth' (2000). you can also download and read his 'building stories' made for the NY Times FUNNY PAGES but read ware's introduction 1st.

he also designs paper toys to be cut and assemble. take a look at the gallery of toys designed by chris ware or even print and assemble your own toy!

p.s. one more thing, he's a musician and plays banjo in his ragtime band as well as writes periodical about ragtime called 'the ragtime ephemeralist'.

p.s.2.there is an unofficial directory of the works of Chris Ware, good bibliography, but u can also find quite a lot of his work in google graphic browser
p.s.3. all art by chris ware, all rights are his as well as the glory.

p.s.4. if u want to buy me a gift - jimmi would be a perfect shot!


it was supposed to be in the calendar.

let's say it will