appealing and disturbing, sick and uneasy

i don't know who this guy is but i think i'm afraid of him...
well it's not that surprising that he uses tarantino & lynch as heroes in his comic strips.

anyway, this guy (his name is hoogerbrugge - here's how not to pronounce it) does animations, illustrations, comic strips, music clips and water-colours to name a few.

i got to know him through his modern living / neurotica series he made between 1998 and 2001 which started as animated gif loops.

then came NAILS made between 2002 and 2006. i really do appreciate a possibility to interact with his animations.

but i'm definitely for the HOTEL (2002-2006), an interactive tale which comprise animations and comics in kind of gaming form.
(when u're done with it u may wish to sign up for preconstruction)

there're also pro stress, his still updated comic strips and water-colours - my favourite is this one.

anyway, just surf through his website, lots of good stuff.