charlie haden

well, that's pretty strange that this post did not appear before now... i've had it in mind for a long time (to be sincere together with other posts which are not published yet...) and what is even more important it touches somebody who is extremely important for me.

if u ask me who is my favourite bass-player, whose music touches my soul deepest, whose albums are my favourite, who could i sound like, which musician i'd like to meet most...
the answer is one.

Charlie Haden

it's just incredible how beautiful bass can be.
as far as i remember i heard him consciously for the first time as a fully committed fan of Keith Jarrett - they played together in '60 and '70.
what he did with Ornette Coleman is incredible (one of my favourite groups).

his Liberation Music Orchestra the greatest (check out Not In Our Name, one of myfavourite cd's).

duet with Pat Metheny just beautiful (one of my favourite cd's).

trio with Jan Garbarek & Egberto Gismonti invincible (one of my favourite groups).

just to name a few...

his official website, biography, discography (quite complete, but not very readable - if u want to see who did he record the album with u have to follow the link) and an interview.

one of the most beautiful music in the world!