my brand new stylophon!

i bought a stylophone last week.

it's vintage, plastic, electronic, it is supposed to fit into my pocket (but it doesn't) and what is most important it makes sounds!
yes, 'the original pocket electronic organ' is produced again!
u play it using a 'pen' connected to the stylophone with wire.

of course in a real one i have 3 different sounds, vibrato and volume control!
uh! u have to buy one of those!

you're not sure yet? so that's albinoni and his famous adagio, one of the best versions i've ever heard...

bowie used it too, but it's slightly hearable on this one.
however the clip is so great that i had to place it here.

i love my stylophone!
i even used it in my last concert!

p.s. if u like it u have to check this out!
rolph harris was advertising stylophone between 60s and 70s and released different books and LP's (playalongs) with music for stylophone. of course u can find it on youtube!
so here u have the 1st side and the 2nd side of his introductory SP which was bundled with the stylophone back in 70s.


Anonymous said...


super jazda - lubie takie zabawy.

Anonymous said...

great blog ^^

miron said...

opanowałeś już płynną grę na stylofonie? :]