still alive & well

THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MAN is really incredible!
it's a jack arnold's screen version from '57 of richard matheson's novel which tells u how it is when one day u start to shrink...

i always liked when these kind of ROBINSON CRUSOE or THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND style stories about humans trying to rise from hopeless situation, were set in different situations; like THE MOON PALACE by paul auster (where the central park plays the role of a deserted island), LIFE OF PI by yann martel (i didn't like it that much, but the deserted island there is changed for ... a boat with ... a tiger on it ...) and perhaps many others.

so here's the clip (with orson welles's voice over):

and a trailer with some shots for the encouragement:

BUT! they didn't show how he fights the tarantula! AWESOME!
and it's not only because tarantulas were always my greatest fear when i was a child (imagine falling asleep knowing that there is millions of tarantulas on the floor walking on each other just waiting to climb on the bed's leg and...)


mania said...

no nareszcie kurcze blade! super post o super filmie!

miron said...

znowu mnie zaskoczyles. nie sadzilem ze amerykanie 50 lat temu mieli rownie fantastyczne pomysly jak dzisiejsze holywood... utrzymuja forme :]